Start smoking electronic cigarettes upgrade your smoking experience

Start smoking electronic cigarettes upgrade your smoking experience

A brand new group of smokers stood up. The ‘vapers’, smokers of electronic cigarettes, have no intentions at all to quit their habit, but do want to improve their smoking experience. This group of smokers has exchanged tobacco cigarettes for e-cigarettes and is starting a new hype worldwide.

The vapers are convinced the smoke of electronic cigarettes they inhale is much more safer than the tar and chemicals of tobacco cigarettes. And e-cigarettes contain nicotine as well. The perfect solution, vapers say.

The amount of smokers of e-cigarette rises everywhere. Actually, a whole new subculture is developing all around America. They come together, organize special vaping parties to try out different brands of e-cigarettes and spend thousands of dollars on their hobby. The vapers are getting more popular and smoking e-cigarettes is growing to be a fashion item these days.

The industries love the new e-smoking hype. They offer upgrades, new components and the chance to totally personalize your vaping experience. Smoking electronic cigarettes has barely something to do with smoking anymore; an e-cigarette is an accessory which reflects your image to the outside world.

“It’s actually an upgrade to start smoking electronic cigarettes ”, Mike Newton, a true vaper, says. “We gather once in a while to try out new e-cigarette stuff and it’s actually really exiting. It’s not just about smoking, its way more. It’s a whole experience and being able to try out more things every time. This doesn’t stop with some new brands like it did with tobacco cigarettes. It’s more about fashion. I want to have the latest and best electronic cigarette!”

The main thing about vaping is being able to express yourself. A lot of e-cigarette smokers don’t want to call it smoking anymore: it’s vaping now and can’t be compared with smoking anymore. “It’s a fine-tuning experience, like picking out a phone or new outfit”, Newton says.

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