Switching to ecigs a guide for the first ten days

Switching to ecigs a guide for the first ten days

One of the things people regret the most in their life is that they started smoking. Most people were young, wanted to fit in, wanted to give it a try or felt stressed. Once people finally stop, it takes a while before their dirty lungs recover. However, after 20 minutes you can already notice result in your body. Suppose you stop right now and you finally discovered that switching to ecigs is better because there is no tar and dirty chemicals anymore. Let’s see how your body reacts.

After 20 minutes you can actually notice that your pulse rate is reducing. Your blood pressure will also go back to normal and the temperature of your hands and feet will go back to normal as well. Your body is already recovering the damage of the tobacco at this point. This will continue the next hours.

After 12 hours

At this point you will definitely need an e-cigarette. If you didn’t smoke any tobacco cigarettes or used electronic cigarettes, the nicotine is almost out of your body. It’s reduced till about 6 percent and makes you feel nervous. Of course: if you can handle this, don’t put any nicotine in your e-cigarettes. If this is too much to handle: try it one step at the time. At this point your blood oxygen level has increased to normal as well and the carbon monoxide.

After 48 hours

The recovering of your body is still in full process. The damage done to your nerve endings is starting to recover and they’re starting to regrow after two days. Your sense of taste and smell is slowly getting back to normal too.

After 10 days

You’re definitely feeling healthier now. Try to exercise a bit or test your body by holding your breath. You will notice you can handle more and hold your breath longer. Your lungs are already much cleaner and able to work better. Your blood circulations will be similar to a non-smoker.

In the future your body will continuously try to recover itself more until you almost have the same body as a non-smoker (depending on how heavy smoker you were). Although your lungs will never be the same, your body gives you the chance to improve yourself the rest of your life.

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