Symptoms when switching from tobacco to e-cigs

Symptoms when switching from tobacco to e-cigs

Switching from tobacco to e-cigs might seem easy in theory, but few people actually manage to keep away from tobacco all together. There are many reasons why this transitioning is not always successful and one of the reasons is the fact that tobacco cessation brings about a large number of effects that most smokers find difficult to handle. Many people attribute these effects to the use of e-cigarettes. However, this is not the case, as these well-known symptoms occur with all types of tobacco cessation methods, and cannot be called as electronic cigarette-use effects.

Tobacco smoking withdrawal gives birth to a wide range of symptoms that affect smokers regardless of their choice of quitting method or the alternatives they choose. Some of the most common medical symptoms that emerge when tobacco consumption ceases, include: mouth ulcers, headaches accompanied by nausea and shakiness, coughing, acid reflux, muscle cramps, as well as hiccups. Mouth ulcers is the most common side effect of quitting tobacco, a symptom that will disappear in a few days or weeks after you quit tobacco and switched to e-cigs, and can be easily alleviated by simply having a drink or rinsing your mouth after you vape. Another symptom often encountered with tobacco cessation is headaches accompanied by nausea and shaking and sometimes even poor sleep and inability to concentrate. All of these symptoms are classic signs of nicotine withdrawal and can last up to a week. A simple way to avoid them all together is to get a high nicotine strength liquid with your e-cigarette and then slowly decrease it to the point you don’t experience any change or discomfort anymore. Coughing is something people have to deal with even when they are still smoking but its severity differs from individual to individual. However, switching to e-cigarettes will intensify the coughing, which will go away on its own sooner or later, depending on how much you used to smoke.

In addition to this, some people have reported acid reflux, a symptom that manifests when quitting tobacco, but it is not strictly related to e-cigarette use. Some people also experience muscle cramps that can be allayed by increasing the water intake, and also, hiccups that appear as a side effect to nicotine overdose, most common in people who chew tobacco. Switching from analogs to e-cigarettes has a multitude of benefits, but the transition is not as smooth as people would want it to be. As is the case with every addiction, tobacco withdrawal comes with side effects and symptoms that are not linked to the use of electronic cigarettes, but rather to the fact that the body is deprived of the chemicals that are normally found in cigarettes.

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