Ten myths about E-cigarettes

Ten myths about E-cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are a hot topic these days. While they’re getting immense popular, e-cigarettes do also have a lot of opponents. Some of them are true, but a lot of the gossip is just a myth.

Let’s explain something first: e-cigarettes aren’t called healthy, because it doesn’t directly create benefits for your body. It does eventually when you were a tobacco smoker. Once you stopped smoking or reduced smoking tobacco and use electronic cigarettes, you’re healthier. Your body recovers and you can already notice this in a couple of days. Therefore, e-cigarette could indeed make you a healthier person.

Another important aspect is nicotine. This is, off course, not that good for you. We won’t lie to you: electronic cigarettes can contain nicotine. However you’ll be able to reduce this or even leave it out. The down sides of nicotine on your body are comparable to caffeine.

Lets start with the ten myths about e-cigarettes:

Myth 1:

A thing opponents love to mention is the fact that e-cigarettes will be illegal soon or already are. This is untrue. Some cities plan to regulate e-cigarettes as tobacco cigarettes, but this is still very unsure. There might be some places where you’re not allowed to smoke electronic cigarettes, but this is an individual choice of the shop/bar owner. Most places allow people to use electronic cigarettes since it’s no smoke and can’t harm anybody.

Myth 2:

The promotion about e-cigarettes might be regulated in the future. Opponents state e-cigarette companies are trying to aim at nonsmokers. Although electronic cigarettes aren’t really harmful, this is absolutely not true. Statistics also confirm that 97 percent of e-cigarette users are former smokers.

Myth 3:

People say e-cigarettes are bad for you, because nicotine is bad. We already explained how bad nicotine is for you. Several studies already confirmed nicotine itself doesn’t have any big effect on your body. The dangerous thing in tobacco cigarettes isn’t the nicotine; it’s the tobacco with thousands of chemicals. E-cigarettes manufacturers are able to filter the nicotine out so you only exhale this instead of the whole package with chemicals.

Myth 4:

Something what’s new is scary. People are suspicious when a new product gets popular and off course this is their right. A lot of people think e-cigarettes are dangerous, only because these people don’t know what’s in an electronic cigarette. However, all ingredients of e-cigarettes are wide in the open. Everybody can check what’s in an e-cigarette and find out what this is. None of these ingredients are proven to be harmful in the amounts that they’re used.

Myth 5:

This might be the most funny talk about e-cigarettes: electronic cigarettes can explode in your face. Like any other electronic device, you need to handle it with care and follow the instructions. As long as you do this, there’s no chance the e-cigarette will explode. You don’t put any water on your radio or phone, do you? Read the instructions, check the internet and don’t do anything crazy. It’s as simple as that!

Myth 6:

We all need more money! A lot of people think electronic cigarettes are more expensive than tobacco cigarettes. They are partly correct: one e-cigarette will cost you more than one tobacco cigarette. However, you only buy your e-cigarette once. It will last for months, depending on the brand. In the end it will save you about 50 dollars a month!

Myth 7:

Some people stated electronic cigarettes could cause cancer. This is not true. Studies confirmed this. There is no tar of tobacco, which could cause the cancer with tobacco smokers, in e-cigarettes.

Myth 8:

The taste of electronic cigarettes is bad, some people state. This is not completely untrue. There’re a lot of different brands, models and flavors. Cheap models can taste pretty bad, but that’s the same with tobacco cigarettes. The best thing is to try out some brands and find the brand you like. Former smokers prefer tobacco taste most of the time while others like to experience more flavors.

Myth 9:

Electronic cigarettes are more addictive than tobacco cigarette. They could be. This depends on the user. You can adjust the level of nicotine yourself. If you raise this level, chances are you’ll get more addicted.

Myth 10:

The nasty thing about tobacco cigarettes is second hand smoke. It’s annoying, makes people sick and is harmful for them as well. Wel, people say second hand smoke of e-cigarettes can also harm other people. This just doesn’t go for e-cigarettes. The vapor going into your mouth and coming out of it is not smoke. There is little odor and no harm to other people around you.

A lot more myths are lurking around about electronic cigarettes. Like any other product, it’s best to do research yourself and be sure you’re buying a good product. Special ‘vape’ meetings could also help you to get started. People will be happy to help you and advise you.

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