The 3 types of e-cigarettes

The 3 types of e-cigarettes

A world without electronic cigarettes seems further away every day. Even though five years ago we didn’t really wanted to give in, nowadays it’s actually getting normal to smoke e-cigarettes. There have been a lot of changes the last couple of years. E-cigarettes have been improved, adjusted and completed with flavors and accessories.

While the e-cigarette industry used do everything to make the electronic cigarette look like a tobacco one, today they are experimenting with all different kind models. Some electronic cigarettes are longer, some are thicker and a lot of brands sell their e-cigarettes in different colors. We can divide the models in three types of e-cigarettes: the cigarette imitations, the pen look-a-likes and the personal ‘vaporizer’.

The first one needs little explanation. These were the first electronic cigarettes on the market. The e-cigarettes have a brown filter and are white. They look like a tobacco cigarette, but are, off course, a bit heavier and bigger. A lot of people who just stopped smoking prefer this kind of cigarettes over other types.

After the cigarette imitations, a new generation of e-cigarettes popped up. The pen-look-a-like e-cigarettes. These e-cigarettes are longer, most of the time thinner and are sometimes compared with the 4S type of tobacco cigarettes. This new generation of e-cigarettes brought on the flavors as well. The pen-look-a-likes come with a liquid which you can (and need to) refill yourself.

The last type of e-cigarettes is actually getting popular right now. These are the advanced personal vaporizers. This type of e-cigarette has a large battery which lasts a long time. You can totally personalize the e-cigarette experience. The personal vaporizer has settings and different features for any smoker. This type is loved by the more experienced s-cigarette smoker who likes to experiment and gets bored easily with a basic e-cigarette. The down side of this e-cigarette is that it often uses a lot of liquid; therefore the costs are going up really quick.

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