The evolution of e-cigarettes

The evolution of e-cigarettes

E-cigarettes are available in different sizes and models. Some are pretty similar to tobacco cigarettes and are long-shaped or look like ballpoint pens. Almost all e-cigarettes can be refilled, but a couple or brands sell models that can only be used once.

The Chinese were the first people who started smoking electronic cigarettes in 2004. It was also a Chinese man who invented the e-cigarettes in 2003. His name was Hon Lik and he was a pharmacist. He started selling his invention through Golden Dragon Holdings, now known as Ruyan. The company started exporting e-cigarettes in 2005 en in 2007 electronic cigarettes entered the American market.

Most of e-cigarettes work automatically. You don’t need to pull or press anything: when a smoker sucks on an electronic cigarette, a sensor activates the heating device which vaporizes a liquid solution held in the mouth. The amount of nicotine an e-smoker inhales depends on the model and on what the e-smoker wants. Electronic cigarette smokers can choose for no nicotine at all or turn it up to the amount of nicotine they prefer.

Since the invention of the e-cigarette in 2003 a lot has changed. The evolution of e-cigarettes is still going on. From real cigarette look a likes to "pen shaped" ecigs with tanks, Nowadays smoking electronic cigarettes are getting more popular every day. Smokers can buy e-cigarettes in most tobacco shops and they can choose between different kind of models, colors and flavors.

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