A quick look at the ‘Inferno’ from Volcano Ecigs

A quick look at the ‘Inferno’ from Volcano Ecigs

Established in 2009 in Hawaii, USA, Volcano electronic cigarette is a company that initially focused on the US market and has developed a reputation for quality and customer satisfaction. It offers a wide variety of e-liquids and accessories and it boasts three ranges of products: ‘The Magma’, ‘The Inferno’ and ‘The Lavatube’.

Sometimes, it feels like Inferno line is one of the veteran products in the relatively young e-cigarette industry. Volcano Ecigs has kept it in production since 2010, and the company has continually improved it to keep up with the latest technological breakthroughs. The 2013 Inferno comes with a lovely metallic finished battery and a tank big enough to keep most vapers puffing the whole day without the need to refill.

The inferno comes inside a sturdy cardboard box with all the contents firmly held in place with cushioning to ensure everything arrives undamaged. The starter kit includes two batteries (650mAh and 900mAh), 5 cartomizers to go inside the tube tank, a USB charger, one charger, the tube tank, a tube ‘sock’ (carrying pouch) and a 15ml bottle of e-liquid.

The quality and the class of the Inferno are obvious when you consider the batteries. Not only are both of high capacities, giving vapers the potential for days of vaping without the need to recharge but they are also of a pass-through nature, meaning that it is possible to connect them to a USB port on a computer or laptop and continue puffing on the device while the batteries are still being charged.

Because the cartomizer is submerged, the airflow might seem a bit restricted at times, and this is why Volcano includes inside the box five spare caromizers fitted with dual coils for the nferno electronic cigarette. Initially, the tight airflow will make you feel as though you are getting less vapor than you normally would but it’s only when you exhale, that you will be pleasantly surprised by the massive cloud resulting from the Tube Tank’s two heating coils. An ordinary cig-a-like doesn’t have the battery capacity to power two coils simultaneously, and this is where the Inferno takes the vaping experience one step further.

Refilling the Inferno is relatively simple, although it may require a little practice at first. The whole process should only take a few minutes and once completed will provide most vapers a good few days of puffing as the tube tank is another of the Inferno’s strengths and can hold up to a quarter of a bottle of e-liquid.

Volcano e-liquids are manufactured in the US and are made from a PG/VG mix that ensure a good amount of vapor when matched with their line of products. They have a wide variety of flavors, with new additions each few months and they will guarantee an amazing vaping experience without ever getting bored of the same old taste.

Overall the Inferno kit is a great choice for e-smokers considering the device’s performance and price tag.

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