The Joyetech eGrip vs the Nebox from Kangertech

The Joyetech eGrip vs the Nebox from Kangertech

The eGrip from Joyetech was probably the first all in one vaping device out there and its supremacy lasted for more than a year until Kanger decided to launch their own product, the Nebox, a massive 10ml box mod powered by a replaceable 18650 battery and capable of offering temperature control. But to understand how these products are similar in looks and functionality but different in terms of performance we have to give each one of them an in-depth analysis and look for their pros and cons.

We are going to start with the eGrip series from Joyetech, considered by many to be one of the most innovative and great performing devices at the time it was released. It was the company's first box mod with a built in atomizer and it's able to reach up to 20W. The eGrip measures roughly 100mm x 45 mm x 20mm, it's powered by an internal 1500mAh battery and features a wattage adjustment dial that goes from 8W all the way up to 20W. Its revolutionary design consists in the fact that there's no atomizer or tank on top of the mod, but rather it includes the 3.6ml clearomizer inside the body. This makes the eGrip extremely compact and portable and a great choice for people who like to keep their mod inside the shirt pocket.

On the top of the eGrip we only find the mouthpiece, and on the bottom there's the clearomizer base which unscrews to replace the coil heads. And speaking about coil heads they are rated at 1.5 Ohms but the eGrip also works with an RBA base, which is sold separately. On the base we also have the micro-USB charging port and to fill the tank with e-liquid we must use the dedicated compartment from the side. On the face of the device, near the base there's an adjustable screw which is used to regulate the airflow and on the main side there's the wattage adjustment dial. At the time it was launched, the eGrip became one of Joyetech's best-selling mods.

Then came the eGrip OLED CS and CL versions, two improved versions of the original device that offered much more options and improved versatility. As the name mentions it, the eGrip OLED comes with a generous OLED display and it is now able to reach 30W. It looks exactly similar in terms of size with the original eGrip but it can now work with Joyetech's new line of CL heads, the same used by the majority of the company's products. It also comes packed with an included RBA base and it can switch from variable wattage operating mode to variable voltage operating mode. The minimum resistance which can be used with the eGrip is 1.0 Ohms but the performance is still one of the best. It can be used for mouth to lung inhales with the 1.0 Ohm CL head or with the 1.5 Ohm CS head and for direct lung hits with the RBA base (between 1.0 Ohms and 1.2 Ohms).

On the other hand, the Nebox from Kangertech is quite similar in the size and the layout of the buttons as the Subox Mini and it comes with the same good quality LED display. The build quality is not as great as on the eGrip but this device comes packed for sub ohming performance. It's fitted with a massive 10ml internal tank and it's powered by a user-swappable 18650 battery (sold separately). The drip tip is made from Delrin and the mod can work with resistances as low as 0.15 Ohms. But probably the most interesting feature of the Nebox is its temperature control option that's intended to work with Kanger's new generation of Ni200 coils.

So, on the top side of the Nebox we have the drip tip, and going down on the main side we notice the firing button, LCD display, plus/minus adjustment buttons and micro-USB charging port. On the base we have the battery compartment and the e-liquid refilling compartment (also the coil replacement base for the tank). The tank walls are made from plastic as opposed to Pyrex glass, and just like on the eGrip it's pretty hard to clean thoroughly. There's no adjustable airflow with the Nebox, but the draw is very loose and it's clearly intended for direct lung hits (like on the Subtank Mini). The temperature control feature works like a charm and you can add memory presets to your mod to quickly switch between them.

The conclusion is pretty obvious – if you prefer sub ohming, a very airy draw and swappable batteries, the Nebox is the perfect choice for your style. On the other hand if you enjoy mouth to lung vaping and are curious to experiment with a great RBA base from time to time, definitely choose the eGrip.

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