The perks of being an e-cig smoker

The perks of being an e-cig smoker

It is not a secret that smoking causes a lot of physical problems and gets so far as to causing lung cancer, and other related respiratory problems. Knowing so much about the bad consequences smoking has, what determines people to keep from becoming an e-cig smoker? I asked this question to several people, and I got a lot of different answers; some of them referred to a feeling of pleasure and relaxation that they are experiencing, others said that it’s become a habit and they find it very difficult not to smoke, or hold a cigarette between their fingers. After I listened to their explanations I told them about this revolutionary device that has changed smokers’ perspective in the whole world.

Called e-cigarette or vapor cigarette, this device has been created as a substitute for analog cigarettes, offering people the possibility to enjoy smoking without having to deal with the smoke released, the bad odors, or the health problems. Because it is smoke and flame free, you can now avoid the smoking ban and savor a cigarette wherever you want. A lot of smokers used to spend their lunch breaks with those colleagues of theirs that were smokers as well, not having the chance to really bond with the non-smoker ones. Thanks to this new product, you can now speak and socialize with every single one of them while you are enjoying a smoke. Traditional smoking raised a lot of obstacles and barriers especially at a social level; you are not allowed to smoke indoors because of the second-hand smoke tobacco cigarettes produce, and you are not allowed to smoke at your work place either. Or at least that’s the case with conventional smoking; electronic cigarettes are innovative and have managed to break the barriers that smokers have been facing for such a long time.

Using them gives you more freedom to enjoy your smoking habit, and because it is such a new product you can use it as a conversation starter in your group of friends and even help others get their own. You will have a lot more energy throughout the day and you will soon notice beneficial differences in your breathing and even in your morning coughing routine. Let go of the old habit of smoking tobacco cigarettes and try the electronic cigarettes; you can experience every single flavor there is available and enjoy this new way of smoking.

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