Top 5 flavorful e-cigars picks

Top 5 flavorful e-cigars picks

Electronic cigars have been around for almost half a decade. These devices replicate Habanos to the last detail and their flavor is just awesome. Depending on manufacturer they can be either disposable or rechargeable, and some models even allow for e-liquid refills. They fell natural in the hand, the battery lasts for a good few hours and they are perfect to share with friends. We’ve tested various brands across the years and these are our top 5 flavorful e-cigars:

Number 5 -Smoking Vapor Gold Tobacco E-Cigar

There’s no better way to relax than with a good e-cigar and Smoking Vapor is the perfect brand for the job. They have some of the cheapest products in this category but surprisingly, their flavors are top notch. These products are engineered to perfection and the attention to detail is just amazing. It’s so good it often gives you the realism of having an actual Robusto in your hand.

These vapor cigars can deliver up to 1100 puffs each, which makes them the equivalent of at least 5 real ones. There are two nicotine strengths to choose from - zero and high - and for only $11.99 they are a huge steal.

Price: $11.99

Number 4 - Veppo Electronic Cigar

You don’t need to fly to Cuba for the most intense flavor. With the Electronic Cigar from Veppo you are guaranteed a truly authentic experience. These disposable devices have a paper wrapped finish and the tips are chewable. Not to mention each unit is the equivalent of around 20 actual cigars.

The perfect treat for poker night or when celebrating with friends. Cheaper when bought in bulk, these also make the perfect presents for your golfing buddies. Flavor is off the charts, battery life pretty good and the attention to detail is incredible. Only downside is the $30 price tag.

Price: $29.99

Number 3 - ROBUSTO Electronic Cigar from ePuffer

This disposable e-cigar is the product of 9 months of research and development. It’s closely based on the very popular Robusto format and measures 52mm x 20mm. The mouthpiece is made out of real cork and the flavor is Cuban inspired.

Powered by an internal battery this cigar vape activates automatically whenever you draw from it. It’s the equivalent of 5 - 6 regular cigars as each unit lasts for well over 1000 puffs. It even has an LED tip that glows red each time the device is in use. At $20 it’s not the cheapest nor the most expensive but the flavor will totally blow you away.

Price: $19.95

Number 2 - Apollo E-cigars

With probably the best quality to price ratio on the market today, Apollo E-cigars are some of our all time favorites. These disposable units come with a clean and powerful Cuban cigar flavor and they make the experience worthwhile. Powered by a 1300mAh battery each of these products can deliver up to 1500 puffs.

A really nice choice for anyone looking to branch out, these e-smokes also make awesome gifts for your friends. Nicotine concentration is 18mg and the LED tip has a really nice fade to it after glowing red. When buying them in bulk, you can get up to 5 units free of charge.

Price: $14.95

Number 1 - E Cigar King starter kit from Vapor 4 Life

Inspired by the authentic Cuban, Nicaraguan and Panamanian cigars, this stater kit is one of the best we tried. Flavor is spot on and almost feels like you’re puffing on the real thing. Rich, bold and adventurous this electronic cigar will make you feel like a billionaire. You can get the kit in two choices of color - black and cigar and customize your battery. The smaller one is rated at 900mAh while the XL version packs 1300mAh. Build quality and attention to detail are fantastic and it comes with three different flavors - Cubana blend, Maduro and Ligero. Both batteries are rechargeable and there’s even a car adapter included in the box.

Price: 49.99

Why E-cigars?

These are our top favorite e-cigars on the market today. If you’re looking to celebrate with style they will definitely not disappoint. And of course rechargeable units offer more value on the long run, but there’s something special about cigars being ephemeral. They capture a unique moment in time. A moment of victory, of enjoyment, of pure happiness.

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