Traveling with e-cigarettes what can you expect?

Traveling with e-cigarettes what can you expect?

Users of electronic cigarettes are often confronted with unclear situations. Where can I light my e-cigarette and where can I bring it? Traveling with e-cigarettes is only worse. Let’s see what you can expect when traveling!

At this point there are no guidelines of security rules for electronic cigarettes. However, when you’re traveling by plane, you need to consider the liquid rules. If you take an e-cigarette with a clearomizer tank you’ll probably have the juice with you too. At the moment most countries handle the rule of 100 ml. This means you can only take 100 ml of liquids in you carry-on luggage. When your bag goes through the xray machine, a customs officer checks the screen to see if you have any liquids in your carry-on. If this is the case, you need to show them how much it is. If you want to take e-liquid with you, be sure you check the TSA security rules for the country you’re departing from. Most of the time you’ll be ok when you don’t have any liquids exceeding the 100 ml limit.

Other things that come on in handy: disconnect your battery and charger from your electronic cigarettes. If you’re traveling with a laptop, you can easily place the charger and battery in the same bag. This makes it easier for the security officer to see what you’re taking. If you arrive at your destination, you don’t need to declare your electronic cigarette, battery or charger. If you’re not taking any suspicious, there is no reason to declare it. A lot of security officers are not yet used to e-cigarettes and they might not know that to do with it. It could take hours before they find out what to do and this is a waste of time. You can take e-cigarettes so there’s no reason to declare it. If somebody picks you out of the line, let them know you’re carrying an e-cigarette and e-liquid, but don’t draw any attention to yourself when it’s not necessary. If might take a while before traveling with an e-cigarette is more common, but till that time it’s up to you to know the rules.

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