The Triton Tank System from Halo

The Triton Tank System from Halo

If you have been a vaper for a while, there is a good chance that you have considered breaking up with your first electronic cigarette more than once. It is not that you do not like it, or you would not have been tobacco-free for this long, but the reality is that larger devices offer so much more. From longer-lasting batteries to easier refilling from a bottle and better vapor production, the list is longs and all the odds are in their favor. One of the best alternatives to upgrade to from ordinary two-piece cig-a-likes is the Halo Triton System.

Halo is one of the leading brands on the e-cigarette market and it has managed to maintain its position for many years mostly due to the high quality of its devices and their unmatched performance. If you have browsed the net for alternatives, you have probably heard a lot about the eGo products more than once. However, the fact of the matter is that the Halo Triton is actually a vGo, actually threaded for KR-808 tanks and cartomizers. This means that by upgrading from the standard G6 ecigs from Halo, you will be able to use the same cartomizers as you did before. If you use the clearomizer that comes in the box, The Halo Triton requires self-filling, but doing so could not be easier; simply twist off the mouthpiece and pour the e-liquid in.

The battery has a rubberized finish that makes the Triton Tank System very easy to hold and it also comes in as many as 11 colors. Even though the batteries in the kit have capacities of just 650mAh each, you can buy replacement batteries on their website with capacities up to 1300mAh if you find yourself recharging your device to often. The Triton comes with an atomizer cone out of the box, and if you go for a high-draw attachment such as a low resistance atomizer, you might just need to recharge the batteries more frequently.

The Triton come with a built in LED-button that controls the power on and off, and, since the battery is manual, you hold the button down when you want to vape. The LED color matches the choice of battery color you choose and it gives a very eye-candy look to the device in general.

Halo also has a variable-voltage battery sold separately on their website that allows you to increase or decrease the voltage of the device by twisting the battery’s bottom cap. With the variable-voltage battery, the Halo Triton Tank System generates more vapor than any standard eGo electronic cigarette.

Pair the Halo Triton with the company’s world-renowned e-liquids and you will end up with the perfect go-to device, designed to deliver the ultimate vaping experience at the most affordable price. All in all, the Triton Tank System is many steps beyond ordinary cig-a-like devices and could be the perfect gateway into the amazing world of mechanical mods or advanced personal vaporizers.

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