Two thumbs up on Apollo

Two thumbs up on Apollo

Apollo is a company based in California which takes pride in their products, their reputation, and above all, their commitment to their loyal customers. The company owns high technology Research & Development and manufacturing facilities, thus they produce all their devices and own brand of e-juices. This makes their products more affordable and competitive than other brands in the industry. Apollo has been in the industry since the early years of e-cigarettes in the international market. It continues to improve the technology with the help of its well-educated founders who are all experts in both tobacco and electronic industries. Apollo aims to provide the best possible vaping experience to their customers.

The packaging

The box is a sleek black one emblazoned with the Apollo logo. The package arrives within three days as the company promises quick shipping. A Standard Kit includes:

2 regular capacity lithium ion batteries; 5 cartomizers (flavor cartridges); PCC charger to charge battery on the go; 1 USB Charger; 1 FREE Apollo 500-puff Disposable ($9.95 value);

Battery life and performance

The batteries may be manual or automatic lithium-ion batteries depending on the customer choice. Automatic batteries are recommended for newbie or regular vapers. Manual ones are usually chosen by more experienced vapers. There is a button on the battery and the vaper presses it to modify levels of throat hits. Apollo batteries come in white or black and only the short variety is offered. Long extra capacity battery is not offered at this time. After all, the product features the personal charging case made to fit short batteries and are small enough to be portable.

The batteries last about 300-400 puffs and matches the lifespan of one cartomizer or even a bit more. This number is already pretty good – not the longest lasting batteries in the market but better than most batteries pegged at this price range. The Apollo USB charger takes about 2.5 to 3 hours to finish, another industry standard met by the company.

Charging the batteries with the PCC charger

The PCC charger performed really well. When fully charged, it is able to recharge five dead batteries 100%. That means you can go on a trip for days and not worry about discharged batteries when there are no sockets to use the USB charger, like going on a mountain hike. The PCC charger has five storage slots for cartomizers. Other brands can only hold three. The LED display on the front tells you how much charge is left in the pack. One bar on the LED display means one full battery charge and that is pretty accurate. It is not rocket science but Apollo’s PCC charger is one of the nicer ones in the market and it is pretty useful too.

Cartomizer and E-juices

The cartomizer carries five e-juice flavors namely: Tobacco, Menthol, Coffee, Cherry, and Vanilla. Just like most other e-cigarette brands, customers can modify nicotine levels: 0mg, 8mg, 12mg, 16mg, and 24mg being the highest level. Cartomizers also come in white or black to match customer choice of batteries. The cartomizers last approximately 200-250 puffs.

The vapor Apollo e-cigarettes emit is top-notch. The throat hits are definitely present. Each puff provides the nicotine satisfaction every vaper expects from his e-cigarette. Maximum satisfaction is observed when the nicotine level is at 24mg.

Other Apollo products

Aside from the Standard Kit, Apollo also offers the following products:

Apollo Extreme Kit. Includes 2 rechargeable batteries, 5 flavored cartridges, 1 wall adapter, 1 USB charger, and 1 car charger.

Apollo Superior eGo CE4 Kit. Includes 2 Apollo eGo-T lithium batteries, 2 Latest CE4 Clearomizers, 1 Free 10 mL bottle of Apollo e-liquid, 1 Wall Adapter, and 1 USB Charger

Apollo VTube Kit. Includes 1 Chrome variable-voltage Regular (5 inches) or Mini VTube (3.75 inches), 1 Black Apollo leather carry case, 1 High capacity 18650 rechargeable battery for the Regular VTube, or 18350 for the Mini VTube, 1 Battery charger, 1 Blank 510 Cartomizer, and 1 CE4 clearomizer


The price of Apollo e-cigarette kits are very reasonable ranging from $50 to $100. Quality and performance are met for that price. Vapors as well as nicotine throat hits are satisfactory. The PCC charger is a good addition to the Standard Kit. Apollo is considered a good performer among e-cigarette brands in the market today. In addition, Apollo’s customer service is also impeccable. Concerns are efficiently handled and agents are extra- friendly. This makes customers happier and satisfied with the product.

Apollo e-cigarettes are highly recommended especially for newbie vapers.

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