Types of electronic cigarette batteries

Types of electronic cigarette batteries

The battery is like the heart of any e-cigarette because it keeps the device running by powering the atomizer and transforming the nicotine based e-liquid into thick clouds of delicious vapor. But let’s focus more on these electronic cigarette batteries and learn a bit about the ones used by some of the key brands on the market.

First of all, as you probably know there are two types of batteries: automatic and manual. To keep things simple, automatic batteries power on the device each time the user inhales through the tip while on the other hand manual batteries require the user to keep a button pressed while puffing.

Another classification is on the criteria of size. Essentially the smaller the battery, the lower the mAh (milliampers per hour). This translates as the shorter the battery the more often it will need recharging. But bigger is not always better, mostly in the case of users that like their devices to have the same look and feel as traditional analog cigarettes. These kinds of vapers would always sacrifice autonomy for looks and that’s why vendors have at least to sizes of batteries available for their starter kits.

The other key part that comes into play with the different sizes is the voltage holding capabilities of each battery. The higher the voltage, the higher the watts, and the warmer the vape.

Halo Cigs has three available options for their G6 range. The 65mm that holds 180mAh, the 78mm that holds 280mAh and the 102mm that holds 420mAh; all of them are rated at 3.7 volts. Therefore, depending on the model you will have an autonomy of 200 to as many as 400puffs.

V2 Cigs also has three available battery options for their ecigs. The shorty (100mm) having 190mAh, the Standard (110mm) having 250mAh and the Long battery (140mm) having a total capacity of 360mAh. They are all regulated at 4.2volts.

Greensmoke offers two choices of batteries: the Short version with a length of 100mm and having 160mAh and the Long version with a length of 116mm and having a charge of 270mAh. They are regulated at 3.7volts.

Apollo ecigs has two battery options. The 108mm version that packs a charge of 180mAh and the 123mm version that packs a total charge of 280mAh. These batteries operate at voltages ranging between 3.3 to 4.2 volts.

Eversmoke gives their users also two choices of batteries, regulated at 4.2 volts. The Standard, 110mm battery that has an autonomy of about 250 puffs and the 118mm High capacity version that gives an autonomy of 350 puffs.

Blu Cigs has two battery options available for their clients: the Blu Original that packs a charge of 80mAh and the Premium 100 that packs a total of 230mAh. They are regulated at 3.7 volts.

Volcano Ecigs offers two options of batteries for their Magma kits. The M-Battery that packs a total charge of 180mAh and the Mega Battery which is ¾” longer.

Choice 7’s offers only the Micro battery which is rated at 180mAh and has an autonomy of about 200puffs.

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