Other types of vaporizers besides ecigs

Other types of vaporizers besides ecigs

In the past months a widespread belief has started to appear in the minds of the masses and the most common misconception is that everyone automatically associates the word ‘vaporizer’ with e-cigarettes or with devices used to inhale illegal substances. The fact of the matter is that vaporizers have been around for decades and prototypes of these devices have been patented since 1927.

The first was Joseph Robinson who filed a patent for a revolutionary device called an “Electric Vaporizer” - “My invention relates to vaporizing devices for holding medicinal compounds which are electrically heated to produce vapors for inhalation, and to provide a device for individual use which may be freely handled without any possibility of being burned.”

Other vaporizers are used in many areas of our day to day lives and it’s highly probable that you’ve come across one of these devices and didn’t know its principle. Vaporizers work in the same way, by heating up a substance or liquid and turning it into clouds of mist or vapor.

Specialized alcohol vaporizers are used in many bars and allow customers to vape almost any type of liquor or cocktail. Alcohol inhalation is a method of delivering ethanol or alcoholic beverages directly into the respiratory system, with aid of a nebulizing device. It is mostly used for recreational purposes, when it is also referred to as ‘alcohol smoking’, but it has consistent medical applications for treatment of pulmonary edema.

Did you ever go to the hospital or see a movie where the anesthesiologist puts an inhaler on the patient’s nose as he starts counting and goes in a deep sleep? Well, they require vaporizers to prepare and administer the medicine that patients inhale before certain surgical procedures.

Spa centers also make good use of vaporizers for some of their procedures. Diffusers are often used for aromatherapy and steamers for facial treatments. Their principle is the same as any other vaporizer.

If you have ever been to a concert or a Halloween party, then you know fog machines are very popular at these types of events. A fog machine, fog generator, or smoke machine is a device that emits a dense vapor that appears similar to fog or smoke.Just like in electronic cigarettes, the fog is created by vaporizing proprietary water and glycol-based or glycerin-based fluids or through the atomization of mineral oil. This fluid (often referred to colloquially as fog juice) vaporizes or atomizes inside the fog machine.

Besides all of these devices, we are sure there are a few items in your household that work on the same vaporizing principle. From humidifiers that are used to control the relative humidity of a room to aromatherapy machines that heat up essential oils and the various personal steam inhalers, vaporizers are all over the place. While each of them may look different and feel different, they all work on the same mechanism that allows you to inhale those thick clouds of vapor each time you take a puff from your e-cigarette.

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