The ultimate guide for starting with ecigs

The ultimate guide for starting with ecigs

Finally decided to live healthier and longer so now what’s next? Determined not to backslide and find out what’s the best alternative to help you totally quit smoking. Smoking an e-cigarette is one of the options you are looking at.

What are the benefits of quitting smoking?

It has been proven time again by research and science that there is rapid improvements on your health once you quit smoking. Such as, improving your taste and smell senses. Heart rate and blood pressures quickly drops as well as carbon monoxide level. Blood circulation will improve and lungs begins to function normally. These are just one of the initial improvements. The e-cigarette is one option a former smoker can look into. Here are some stuff you need to consider before switching.

What are the best brands of e-cig in the market?

The top five proven brands in the market are the following: Halo, V2 Cigs, Green Smoke, Apollo, and Volcano Ecigs. These are the brands that have received very good reviews. Depending upon your budget and how frequent you smoke real cigarettes choose one that will suit you. If you're starting with ecigs you will be better of with a starter kit than the more advanced premium kits.

Before you puff

Before trying to try out using e-cigs consider the following: how many times do you smoke a real cigarette a day? Your smoking pattern should determine if you will need a basic package or a professional package. Because if you smoke a lot you may need the pro package. How often do you travel? If you travel away from home a lot, then you will need more battery packs. Since the e-cig is powered by batteries if the batteries goes low it will not function.

What is inside the kit?

The e-cigarette has three components. The battery, the tank and the E-Liquid for the flavour. Inside the e-cigarette is a LED light for the flame on the tip, a microprocessor to control the heat and light, the sensor to detect when the user take a drag and the cartridge that holds the nicotine in place to dissolve.

How to maximize the battery?

As soon as you get your kit and before using it is best to charge the battery initially for 24 hours before using. This will provide half an hour of smoking. Once, done it is best to put it back to the charger for an hour. Store in room temperature otherwise storing it on extreme temperature, hot or cold will deteriorate the performance of your battery.

Start huffing and puffing

You may now start using your e-cigarette. Attach the tank to the battery. Check for the bottom rubber and remove it. There is a hole behind it and take your e-liquid and carefully drop 10-15 drops. Screw then tightly back and turn “on” and start huffing, puffing and inhale. Enjoy using it with various flavours to choose from. Using e-cigarettes allows you to smoke in places you were not allowed before.

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