Unfamiliar terms for e-cigarettes

Unfamiliar terms for e-cigarettes

Dozens of abbreviations and expensive words: the electronic cigarette vocabulary is full of mysteries. Especially for the noobs (those getting started). To help you with the most common and popular words, we’ll introduce you to some of them.

The most important word is probably ‘vaping’. This word actually means smoking electronic cigarettes. It’s getting really popular and people already like to call themselves ‘vapers’ when smoking e-cigarettes. A tobacco cigarette is not called cigarette anymore, but ‘analog’.

Let’s continue to types of electronic cigarettes. One frequently used type is the homemade device/moderator. This is called the ‘mod’. This type of electronic cigarette is gaining popularity every day and is often used by experienced electronic cigarette smokers. This type of e-cigarette comes with a lot of options and extra features.

The actual smoking-process (vaping) comes with a lot of terms too. The moment you suck in the mouthpiece in order to pull the e-cigarette in your mouth is called ‘pull’. That’s not that difficult. A ‘TH’ might be harder to understand. This abbreviations means throat hit. A TH is the moment the ‘smoke’ is hitting your throat. Some people could mention things like: ‘this vapor gives me a good TH’ or ‘this vapor has a small TH’.

The liquid in your electronic cigarette is an important element. You can choose flavors and add nicotine. The latest models of e-cigarettes require you to add the liquid to the cartridge yourself. This process is called ‘topping off’. There is also the option to add drops of liquid to the atomizer instead of the cartridge. This process is called dripping.

These are a couple of terms you might hear around vapers and stores. There are dozens or maybe hundreds more, but you will probably get used to that once you are vaping for a while. One last tip: as long as you put ‘e’ in front of every word, you are pretty much ok already!

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