When is upgrading your e-cigarette necessary

When is upgrading your e-cigarette necessary

The electronic cigarette is one of the most popular device of these last few years and the major companies on the market compete to upgrading their models at least once a year and developing newer devices in order to satisfy their consumers’ desires. With so much going on every few months, vapers often feel that they have to keep up with the rest of the crowd and always make use of the best that technology has to offer. There are mechanical mods, advanced personal vaporizers, high-end clearomizers and rebuildable atomizers that fill the vaping community airwaves, leading many new users and those more mid-level vapers to believe that a more advanced vaporizer or a rebuildable atomizer is the right choice, or at least the choice they ‘have’ to take.

But the truth is that with electronic cigarette there isn’t always a right way to go, but rather it depends mostly on the user’s preference, his finances, his vaping habits and of course how much is he influenced by his entourage. These are the beauties of e-cigarettes, the freedom of choice and ability to satisfy yourself with less harm, and of course the really awesome perks. Be it an eGo-C Twist, going for an iTaste 134, or a Mechanical Mod and even a V2 disposable cig-a-like, it is all about what makes you comfortable and what satisfies your own vaping necessities.

Upgrading to a new electronic vaporizer is not necessary if you are currently comfortable with your device. Usually, a vaper will upgrade because he is not truly comfortable with the device he’s using. The two main reasons to upgrade to a new device, such as an advanced personal vaporizer or a mod, is because one is interested in receiving a larger vapor production and is looking for longer battery autonomy.

Switching from disposables to rechargeable e-cigarettes is the first step and it comes with some improvements in the quantity of vapor and throat hit. Upgrading from these models to an eGo or Advanced Personal Vaporizer is already like switching from your old car to a racing vehicle because these devices already offer some of the best vaping experiences. After this step, you only need to upgrade if you’re truly passionate about your vaping or you’re the type of person that always wants to surpass the limits. Adding a bit of DIY and technology craving in your blood and you’ll be browsing the net for your first mechanical mod, rebuildable atomizer or even rebuildable dripping atomizer.

These last devices are many times used by a new category of vapers often called ‘cloud chasers’. They are vaping enthusiasts who tweak everything from the resistance of their atomizers, to the VG percentage of their e-liquids and their battery voltage in order to get the richest clouds of vapor ever witnessed. Much like the techies who spend a lot of money and time to overclock their computers for 1-2 extra frames per second in a benchmark, these vapers would do anything for a bit extra power.

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