US e-cigarettes market accounts for quarter of the world

US e-cigarettes market accounts for quarter of the world

Could you imagine the United States without electronic cigarettes? If you’re an American you probably can’t anymore: the e-cigarette market in the US is booming. Numbers actually tell the same: while in Europe the e-cigarettes market is slowly getting started, sales in the US cover a quarter of the sales worldwide.

Not only in the US, is the e-cigarettes market totally booming. Together with Russia and Germany (!) they lead the world in e-cigarettes. The three countries together are good for 60 percent of the worldwide sale. It might see a strange combination, especially with Germany in the top 3. However, according to Arthur Goldman, a marketing analyst, this is completely according to his expectations. “People think about electronic cigarettes as tobacco cigarettes or maybe even soft drugs, but they’re wrong: e-cigarettes are a way for people to live healthier. America has always been really tight with rules and Americans aren’t that experimental. Germans aren’t known for this either. However both countries are always concerned about health. Organic foods, a healthy environment, vegans and other health terms come from these countries. It’s only reasonable to assume these countries would be the first ones to implement a new, healthier way of smoking tobacco cigarettes.”

Although the ‘health’ terms are used by a lot of people in Germany and the US, Goldman thinks the electronic cigarettes users are not the same people. “I can say it very simple: e-cigarettes users are former smokers. Vegans and organic food eaters aren’t tobacco smokers. However, they influence their environment, city and even their country. If using e-cigarettes is motivated in your country, you feel secure to try this. You will actually be pushed to try this instead of the unhealthy, deadly tobacco cigarettes.”

So, if the US and Germany are the leaders in health; why do so many Russians buy e-cigarettes? Goldman doesn’t have a clear answer to that, but he has idea. “In Russia there are a lot of smokers. They don’t have the same social influences on tobacco smokers like in other countries, but they’re learning about the downsides of tobacco. Russia’s neighbor is China, where the electronic cigarettes come from. While the rest of the world is just starting to get to know e-cigarettes, China has been using them for ten years. The Russians are probably more used them already.”

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