Some useful tips to extend the battery life of your ecigarette

Some useful tips to extend the battery life of your ecigarette

Back in 2008 when the first electronic cigarettes were introduced on the market, battery life was a major problem of these devices and it was very difficult to find a model that will last for the whole day. Nowadays however most companies are using state of the art batteries inside their cigs and many starter kits include at least to of them, so that you may never run out of juice while vaping. Some brands offer the benefits of Portable Charging Cases that can recharge your batteries on the go, while others turn to high capacity models that can deliver plenty of vaping hours even for the heaviest of ex-smokers.

And even though most of today’s lithium batteries can last up to 300-400 recharge cycles, there are a few simple rules to follow in order to increase the lifespan of these devices even more.

The first tip is to always store them properly no matter if you don’t use the device for a few hours or a few days. Moisture, humidity and heat can have dramatic effects on your battery so it is very important to keep them safe from these types of environments. Storing your ecigs in direct sunlight or near radiators will shorten the lifespan of your batteries exponentially, so look for a cool, dry place, away from children and pets. A drawer or a box might be the perfect location for these sensitive devices.

Another tip is to recharge your batteries as often as possible. Forget all of those misconceptions that started out with older battery models and welcome to the future. The new generation of batteries don’t have any ‘memory effect’ and actually perform better with numerous charges or ‘top-offs’ rather than letting them drain. It’s less stressful for the battery, and requires less power to get it back to full charge. And if your battery is ¾ charged then topping it off doesn’t count as a full recharge cycle and it’s always better to have it full of energy when you decide to go out.

Keeping your battery clean will also add up quite some time to the total lifespan of your e-cigarette. Even if you take very good care of it, spills from the cartomizer and accidental over tightening might affect the threading on your battery. Even natural condensation could play a role in oxidizing the contacts and keeping the battery on overdrive. The tip is to periodically brush the threads and contacts (gently) where your cartridge and battery hook together, and you’re done.

And just like the human body needs exercise to keep fit, also your e-cigarette battery has been designed for constant, day-to-day use. Just like the batteries in your cell phone or tablet, these tiny devices are feeling the best when utilized and the longer you use them, the greater their general lifespan become. So, contrary to popular belief, the more you keep your ecigarette in your drawer, the less battery capacity you’ll enjoy.

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