What are Vape bars and what is their purpose?

What are Vape bars and what is their purpose?

The rising popularity of e-cigarettes has been observed in the last seven years. Although the device was developed in China about ten years ago and was internationally marketed in 2006, a lot of people these days are still unsure and misinformed about e-cigarettes.

What are e-cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are mechanical devices powered by batteries and are mainly composed of an atomizer and a cartridge. The batteries power the atomizer to turn the e-liquids or juice in the cartridge into vapor, the substance that is being inhaled. Thus, e-cigarettes are also called vape and users are called vapers. An e-cigarette is used just like a regular – analog to vapers – cigarette: inhaling and puffing for that nicotine fix. Manufacturers claim that e-cigarettes are so much better than regular tobacco because they do not contain more harmful chemicals like tar and other substances known to cause respiratory and cardiac conditions. The juices contain nicotine, the level of which can be varied depending on the vapers’ preference and can be flavored for a more enjoyable vaping experience.

Educating the public

In the United States, manufacturers and sellers are not legally allowed to say that e-cigarettes can cause cessation of smoking tobacco. Some studies, however, have shown that e-cigarette vapor is not harmful to health. Compared to tobacco smoke which exceeded risk limits, vapor from e-cigarettes posed no significant risks to human health. Even second-hand vapor is deemed safe based on a study. This means a vaper can use his e-cigarette in a closed room and his vapor will not cause harm to anyone around him, unlike analog cigarette smoke which has been found to cause illnesses even to non-smokers.

Since e-cigarettes are not yet regulated – but sellers do not sell to anyone younger than 18 – a lot of people are still anxious about these devices, especially if they have not read the studies that have already been published. Needless to say, educating the public about e-cigarettes is the way to go for now.

More than just an atomizer and a cartridge

Through the years, the metal stick with a simple atomizer and cartridge inside has evolved. E-cigarettes have also created a sub-culture with its own lingo to boot. The term “vaping” was not even widely used before the introduction of e-cigarettes in the market. Aside from the flavors called e-juices, vapers can customize the nicotine level too, from zero to 24 milligrams. A vaper who knows what he is doing owns a PV (a personal vaporizer) or a Box Vape Mod which is a more personalized and modified device. The size of the tank can also be customized as well as the battery power and the level of hits or how intense the hits are to the throat.

Enter Vape bars

The available options have become so many that misinformed yet probable users are getting confused. Vape bars started to spring in the recent years to welcome newbies, as well as long-time vapers, and address the issue of misinformation and confusion. In New York, the first e-cigarette bar in the city, The Henley Vaporium, opened in 2013 with the promise “to lure the subculture of hyper-zealous vapers that hang out in the corners of the internet discussing "Mods" and "nic-juice" out from underground.” Source

One of the most popular vape bars in the west coast, The Vape Bar, is located in San Jose California. The bar promises to assist anyone in finding the right combination of atomizer, e-juices and batteries that can deliver the perfect vape. It aims to promote a smoke-free lifestyle by offering a wide variety of PVs, MODs, accessories and e-juices that bartenders mix for the clients.

In Nebraska, the newest vape bar opened recently in Lincoln despite rumors that the government shall regularize the use and sale of e-cigarettes. Generation V owner, Sarah Linden said that her company opened the store with a dedicated 12-foot long vape bar in one corner because they are “interested in helping people transition to a healthier habit from an unhealthy one.” Source.

What is the purpose of vape bars?

More than the campaign for a healthier lifestyle, e-cigarette companies opened vape bars for these purposes:

To provide an avenue for vape meets; To let newbies try different kinds of PVs with corresponding batteries and accessories and help them decide which one is perfect for personal use; To offer different e-liquids suitable to individual tastes. Vape bars employ e-juice bartenders who mix different flavors and suggest whatever the client might like; To be able to discuss nicotine levels and battery power for the perfect throat hit a client requires; To demonstrate how e-cigarettes are cleaned and maintained; To offer repairs and adjustments as needed;

In summary, vape bars improve vaping experience by offering one-stop shop for all things related to e-cigarettes. Newbies and long-time vapers can go to vape bars for information, fellowship, and of course, shopping for e-cigarette needs.

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