Vapers opposed to proposal to ban e-cigarettes from public places

Vapers opposed to proposal to ban e-cigarettes from public places

A City Counsil in New York filled with vapers smoking their electronic cigarettes. It was a funny picture and nobody could do anything about it. At this moment the law doesn’t say anything yet about using e-cigarettes in public places so nobody could prevent the protestors form lighting up their e-cigarette.

The protestors came to protest against a new proposal to ban e-cigarettes from public places. The city council is a public place, but because it’s only a proposal the vapers grabbed their chance and created a great cloud of vapor smoke in front of the government.

“We’re not smoking and that’s a fact”, Jessy Andrews, a former smoker said. “It’s vapor and it’s comparable to moisture. They want to ban something because of the idea it looks like tobacco cigarettes and the vapor looks like smoke. I think it’s absurd to ban something because of an idea.”

Several council supporters say New York has to regulate e-cigarettes because e-cigarettes could attract young people. They also state business owners have too much trouble recognizing the real deal. According to an owner of several restaurants and an e-cigarettes fan this is nonsense. “There’s no fire at the end of an e-cigarette”, he stated. “If you can’t see the difference between something burning and a light, the problem is not the electronic cigarettes, it’s your eyes. Besides that, more brands don’t even look like tobacco cigarettes anymore. They come in different sizes and colors. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pink tobacco cigarette.”

According to a sales manager of a big e-cigarette brand it’s untrue that youngster would be attracted to electronic cigarettes. “No brand is focusing on young people. We only try to reach tobacco smokers and offer them a healthier way of smoking. You can see this if you look at our ads and the way we promote our electronic cigarettes. If you look at the figures, you see the same thing: there are almost no people under 21 who’ve smoked e-cigarettes. There might be a couple, but that goes for everything.”

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