Vaping Etiquette

Vaping Etiquette

As e-cigarettes are becoming more and more popular these days, more and more people can be seen vaping in public. Some are well-informed and totally understand that e-cigarettes do not have the same dangerous effects as traditional tobacco, yet some still raise their eyebrows when it comes to the argument of whether or not it's okay to vape in public places.

Because of this, many vapers are left with questions. Can I vape in a restaurant? How close can non-vapers come near me while I'm puffing? How do I assure people that it's safe? Vaping etiquette isn't really as complicated as you might think. You just need to remember a few things and you're good to go.

Ask for permission

Being asked to stop smoking in an establishment when you're not really "smoking" in the regular sense can be embarrassing. When seeing a "no-smoking" sign in an establishment, it is preferable to approach the staff and ask them whether they allow e-cigarette use. Even if they do permit it, you also have to make sure to ask people within your proximity. The family on the next seat might not know about e-cigarettes yet and may think that you are smoking tobacco.

Expect attention

At a distant, vapor may look like tobacco smoke. Though they never smell like it. Some e-cigarette units may look like the real thing. If there are people around who don't want to be around tobacco smokers and don't know about e-cigarettes, you are most likely to catch attention. Don’t cuss at the first person who stares at you!

Be educated on e-cigarettes

You may find yourself being questioned about the safety of vaping. It helps to know important information about your brand. So that you are ready to answer questions from curious and skeptical people. Doing so will not only help defend yourself but will help other people be educated as well as ensure them of its safety.

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