What are cartomizers questions you want to ask

What are cartomizers questions you want to ask

Cartomizer in the e-cigarette system is just combined words of cartridge and atomizer. They are literally two functional parts and combined to be one. The cartridge is where the e-liquid is placed and the atomizer is the part where the liquid is passed through and converted to vapor. The vapor that provides the flavor and the smoke experience in e-cigarettes. The overall experience of “vaping” will depend upon the performance of the cartomizer.

The types of cartomizers

There are two types of cartomizers. The first is manual and the other is automatic. The manual simply that you have to refill each time the e-liquid or e-juice are out. Otherwise, the vaping experience becomes horrible. The automatic simply makes the e-liquid transfer to the atomizer quickly and without manual interference.

Up close with manual and automatic cartomizers

There are so many reviews about cartomizers on the web. On there you can get a personal experiences about manual and automatic cartomizers. Automatic cartomizers though most of the time it is convenient but just like anything man made it sometimes screws up and may leave you a bad experience with vaping. Manual cartomizers when not monitored and the tank was left unfilled would give you a bad taste of ash or burnt taste.

Manual cartomizer when refilling what you need to do is to pull down the cartomizer about half an inch through the bottom of the tank. You know that you’re doing it right when you see a minimal gap in between the top and the clear sided of the tank. Slightly tilt the tan and begin, slowly filling it with e-liquid into the cartomzier and fill it up. Next you still have to fill the rank and it the surrounds of the cartomizer in full as well. You have to repeat the same procedure when the gap becomes dry. Quite a lot of work to do I know.

Automatic cartomizers especially the premium ones can be programmed to precision refilling. However, automatic may also fail and leakage from the tank may happen and provide a very unpleasant experience.

Which one will work best for you?

Depending upon how heavy you smoke or how often you use your e-cigarette unit. Just like e-cigarette batteries can last only when it can and not how often you want them to last. Depending upon your budget the automatic cartomizers price may be a little steeper than manual. Manual cartomizers may also require the user to refill every now and then when the tank becomes dry. Though automatic cartomizers may have the tendency to leak when overfilled. Whichever you may choose it will always require monitoring in large or small amounts.

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