What’s the difference between vaporizers and electronic cigarettes

What’s the difference between vaporizers and electronic cigarettes

The amount products on the electronic cigarette grows fast and it’s hard to keep track of what everything is. New brands, models and accessories are popping up everywhere and how can you tell what you like the most?

Vaporizers and electronic cigarettes all have three features: they deliver nicotine effectively to your body, they are similar to tobacco cigarettes (they taste the same and give the same kind of feeling) and you can customize them with all kind of accessories. However, these two are not exactly the same and distinction is made more and more often.

The vaping experience started with electronic cigarettes. They were invented in 2003 by a Chinese pharmacist. Electronic cigarettes resemble tobacco cigarettes. The devices deliver nicotine when the vape is inhaled. At first all e-cigarettes were disposable, but nowadays a lot brands sell refillable electronic cigarettes which can be used for a long period, depending on the brand and quality. E-cigarettes look like tobacco cigarettes; they’re the same size with similar colors as tobacco cigarettes.

Vaporizers are the next generation of electronic cigarettes. They don’t really look like tobacco cigarettes anymore. Some are pen-shaped or cigar-shaped, but a lot of vaporizers are big and heavy. An advantage of the big vaporizer is that the battery lasts longer and for experienced vapors this is very necessary. The vaporizers are mostly used by more experienced vapors: they know electronic cigarettes for a while and are used to the feel of e-cigarettes. They stopped smoking long enough to not really need the tobacco cigarette look-a-like. Most vaporizers can be personalized on many levels. You can buy feature and mix and mingle them together. Colors, models and batteries can be replaced for new ones. The vaporizer manufacturers aim for a niche market of experienced vapors. Most products are sold online or in special vaporizer shop.

For a starter it’s recommended to start with electronic cigarettes. After you get used to this, it’s fun to experiment with a vaporizer: you will never get bored!

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