Cloupor T5 50 Watt Mod

Price: 109.95
Cloupor T5 50 Watt Mod

One of the most craved advanced personal vaporizers of 2014, the Cloupor T5 is bound to blow you away because it has been especially engineered to make you puff on clouds right out of the box. This is probably the most powerful tube type mods at the moment and it can deliver a massive 50 Watt peak of pure vaping delight.

The Cloupor T5 comes packed in a high quality cardboard “gift box” that mimics wood, just like the ones on the new Samsung phones. Once you take off the top you’ll notice the mod, which is huge, a comprehensive instructions manual, a retractable USB charging cable, a mini screw driver, and a small plastic case containing all sorts of spares (screws and center pins).

The device itself is made from a single piece of aluminum with a nice glossy finish and a reasonable amount of weight to it even without a battery inside. It’s pretty comfortable to hold in your hand but this is no device to carry around in your pocket mostly due to its size and weight.

On the top, you will find a gold-plated 510 connection with an adjustable center pin, which will ensure a flush mount with most tanks together with the mod outer walls that are slightly raised. On the bottom you will find two large venting holes, a micro USB connection and three screws to open the cap and insert the battery. The Cloupor T5 is powered by an 18650 battery, which is not included. As a small side note you should probably go for a good quality battery when using this particular mod since it consumes a whole lot of electricity.

The firing button is located on the side and is made of durable plastic. On the front you will find the gorgeous OLED display and the two (-) / (+) buttons located under it. The screen has a built in resolution of 64 x 128 dpi and we believe it is going to set a new standard in future advanced personal vaporizers. It shows you the remaining battery in percentages and a nice animation, the current wattage, atomizer, output voltage, the chipset temperature and a puff counter. You can adjust the wattage from 7W to 50W and the output voltage ranges between 2V to 9.3V.

The Cloupor T5 is also a cloud chaser’s delight because this gizmo can handle atomizer resistances between 0.2 to 3.6 Ohms. Pair that with the dazzling 50 Watts of power and you’ll be blowing on clouds all day long but be careful to bring an extra battery with you because at this discharge level a good 18650 won’t last longer than a few hours. You can charge the battery with the provided USB cable but you won’t be able to use it as a pass-through.

The mod has a locking mod, which will still enable you to use the fire button, but you will not be able to adjust the wattage up or down anymore. You also get a stealth mode by pressing both the firing button and the down button at the same time. It has a lot of safety features and upgradeable firmware.

We paired it with our 0.8 Igo W6 and we were blown away by the tremendous amount of vapor this device can produce. Honestly, it’s by far one of the best performing devices we’ve ever tested and a definite best buy if you’re into powerful mods but you don’t fancy box types.

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