IPV V2 50 Watt Box Mod

Price: 118.95
IPV V2 50 Watt Box Mod

A real game changer in the world of advanced personal vaporizers, the IPV V2 50 Watt Box Mod is one delightful gizmo that is going to deliver the biggest clouds of vapor you have ever tasted so far. Rated at 50 Watts, this is one of the most powerful mods on the market today and it’s going to certainly make an impression for anyone willing to pay the $120 price.

Weighing around 160g with an 18650 battery inside, it’s not that heavy considering its size and the build quality is decent. The mod is made from lightweight aluminum and has a nice finish to it. It comes with an adjustable center pin inside the 510 connection and this will ensure a clean mount with most tanks on the market today.

It comes packed in a nice transparent plastic box with another cardboard box alongside that contains the USB cable, a mini screwdriver and four extra screws. To insert your 18650 battery, you need to loosen the two tiny screws on the cover with the provided screwdriver but be aware that the quality of the metal is not that good and if you are not paying attention, they can be damaged quite easily. We suppose this is the main reason you get four additional screws inside the box. You can either used a pre-charged battery or you can recharge it inside the mod as it will display a nice red glowing LED on the bottom once you connect it to a power supply. Once the battery is fully charged the LED light will go off, rather than turning green like in most cases.

The design is rather simple but the functionality is awesome. On one side you will find the firing button, the LCD screen and the two (+) / (-) buttons and on the top you will find the 510 threading and a touch sensor. The touch sensor does work and it’s great for vaping on the IPV V2 by using your thumb as a trigger but you need to be careful to disable it once you want to carry this mod in your pocket because it can lead to accidental firings.

The LCD screen is not one of the fanciest we have seen but it does a decent job and shows a lot of info about the device like the voltage or wattage, the atomizer resistance and the battery charge. You can lock the device by pressing two times on both smaller buttons but is doesn’t have a stealth mode like many other mods so the LCD will be on all the time you’re puffing.

Performance wise, this is where this mod absolutely shines. It can go as high as 50watts and as low as 0.2 ohms so it’s the kind of vaporizer for all those sub-ohm vaping fans out there. However, since sub-ohm vaping is a dangerous business, using coils that register below 0.5 ohms will void the warranty and return policy for this device so be extra careful about it.

Vapor production is absolutely mind-blowing and the IPV V2 will definitely get you noticed at any party once you start puffing on it. It delivers consistent vapor accompanied by a robust flavor and strong throat hit. By far this is one of the most powerful box mods on the market today so if you love you clouds it’s an excellent option.

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