Sigelei 20W

Price: 123.49
Sigelei 20W

A very stylish and at the same time powerful tube-type advanced personal vaporizer, the Sigelei 20W is powered by the SX200 chipset and comes with a nice stainless steel exterior and a gravity sensor system that will revolutionize the way you vape. The Sigelei 20W is, as the name indicates, a variable wattage-only kind of device much like the iTaste 134 only it uses electronics as opposed to dials to allow the user customize the whole vaping experience.

The special thing about this Sigelei is that is offers variable wattage from 7.0-20.0W in 0.1W unlike most other vaporizers on the market that allow only 0.5w increments, thus giving you a more precise ability to find a personal sweet spot regardless of the build you are using. To balance the wattage and atomizer resistance, this mod has a voltage output from 3.0-8.8V. In addition, as good news for all those sub-ohm vaping fans out there, the Sigelei 20W allows the usage of atomizers with the resistance anywhere between 0.5 and 3.0 Ohms, making it extremely versatile in any situation.

It comes packed in a nice black cardboard box and it features a comprehensive instruction manual. Once you take it out you’ll notice that it only has a single button used to turn the device on an off and a good quality OLED display. After you insert the 18650 battery and turn the device on, the Sigelei logo shows up, fades away, and then displays the chipset after which the standard readings take its place.

On the top part, you get the popular 510 and eGo style threading hidden behind a beauty ring. The 510 connection comes with a nice floating pin to ensure it keeps a good contact with any tank you might fit on top of it. On the bottom, you will find the battery cap with a good quality spring and three air holes to keep the inside ventilated. The battery tube can also be unscrewed from the top part with the display and you end up with the Sigelei being made out of four distinct parts.

It has around 140 grams and a nice sand blasted stainless steel finish, making the Sigelei feel very comfortable and perfectly balanced in your hand and giving out a high quality vibe. The OLED display has good readability but it dims each time you take your hand off the firing button. This is probably a good way to save battery charge but at the same time, it makes it a bit hard to read under bright light conditions. You can read the current watts, the remaining battery charge, atomizer resistance and output voltage.

The gravity sensor system might take some time to adjust to, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not that difficult to go through the settings. You simply use the firing button to enter the menu and then tilt the device left of right depending on what settings you need to adjust. This is also the way to completely turn the device off. Moreover, since we’re on the topic, the Sigelei remembers your settings after you turn it on again, but resets itself on a battery change. This is kind of a problem but definitely not a deal breaker considering its performance.

And performance wise, the Sigelei 20W is an amazing piece of engineering capable of delivering thick and flavorful clouds of vapor with each puff. It works like a charm every time and it will not disappoint you. It’s a perfect AVP to get you familiarized with the wonderful mod of variable wattage and rebuildables.

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