Fogger V5

Price: 36.49
Fogger V5
FOGGER V5 is made of high quality stainless steel and comes in two colors (black and silver) and is equipped with a Pyrex glass tank and will definitely serve online casino players for a very long time. In addition, despite the high quality of FOGGER V5 and its new features, it is not expensive at all, only 36.49, which everyone can pay with the help of オンラインカジノぺいぺい in Japan. The Fogger V5 is packaged in a good quality black cardboard magnetic box with a transparent plastic film in front of the tank, so that online casino players can see the device from the outside when choosing it in vaping shops in Japan.

Completely built out of the highest quality stainless steel, the Fogger V5 comes in two colors (black and silver) and features a Pyrex glass tank. If you are familiar with the previous version, the Fogger V4.1, they have made some improvements to the model and now it performs better than ever. The chances include spring loaded posts with holes in them for easier builds, the filling is now done from the top rather than from the bottom, and a rubber stopper placed behind the ring that controls the airflow (as you know it was a bit loose).

The Fogger V5 comes packed in a good quality black cardboard magnetic box, with a transparent plastic film in front of the tank, making the unit visible from the outside. Next to the tank, you will find bag of goodies (silica wicking, Kanthal wire, two screws, insulators, spare O-rings) and a portable screwdriver.

Two disassemble the unit, you need to remove the stainless steel drip tip, and then unscrew the top cap. Once you do this, you will see a black O-ring that can be removed easily and underneath there are two holes – a bigger one and a smaller one – that are used for refilling with e-liquid. Changing the refill method is a definite positive from our view and it makes the whole process a lot easier. To continue taking the Fogger V5 apart, you will need to unscrew the secondary top cap with the “fogger” engraving, remove the Pyrex glass tank and you’re left with the two-piece chimney. After removing the chimney you can take out the well too and expose the deck with the two spring loaded pins. The spring-loaded pins are one of the biggest improvements they’ve made from the version 4.1 trying to fix some of the issues, however, working with them can be quite tricky and given the drilled holes through the posts it’s a lot easier if you use regular screws instead.

The Fogger V5 is a dual coil, Kayfun-style rebuildable tank atomizer, which means it’s not exactly a toy for beginners, but rather it’s intended for more advanced vapers that are familiar with building coils, and especially dual coils. It took us about 17 minutes in total to build the coils to get everything in place, so it does require some good hand skills and precision. You ten put the tank back together again, fill it with e-liquid and you’re ready to puff. It does have the regular 510 connection and it comes with an adjustable center pin. This big boy can take as much as 5ml of e-juice so it’s enough to get you through the day even if you’re a heavy puffer.

Performance wise, it’s an exceptional device one you learn how to build the coils properly, giving out impressive clouds of vapor accompanied by an equally delicious flavor. It’s a great tank to own and if you don’t mind spending a lot of time rebuilding, then it might just be the best choice for you.

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