A happy Green Smoke User

A happy Green Smoke User

I used to not be able to live without my cigarettes! You could rarely see me without a stick in hand. That has always been the case except when I was in the office or if the establishment I was in didn’t have a smoking area. Even though my car smelled like an ashtray, I just didn’t care. In terms of kicking the habit away, my friends used to say that I’m pretty much a lost case.

When electronic cigarettes became a mainstream thing, I jumped on the wagon too but I got disappointed with some of the first few brands I’ve tried. The first brand I’ve tried didn’t have the richness of flavor I expected from my every puff. Another brand has a short battery life and just when I needed a puff of nicotine, it needed another charging. That was just downright upsetting.

When I came upon Green Smoke, I noticed that this is a little more expensive from the other brands I’ve tried. The reviews are really great, however, and I got intrigued. When I smoked my first Green Smoke cartridge, I knew I made the right choice. The vapor volume in every puff is just the right amount. This is the right kind of richness I’ve been looking for the longest time. I heard that the e-liquid technology is different, that’s why it’s almost as close as smoking a traditional cigarette.

Even though the price is much higher than the other brands, the quality I get is incomparable. If you try calculating the cost, you will be surprised with the amount of money you will save. Also, I feel more energetic and I have an extra $100 savings to put into more important purchases. That is certainly something to be happy about. I can say that I'm a very satisfied Green Smoke user now and if I were you, I'd go Green too.

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