My top 3 favorite ecig brands

My top 3 favorite ecig brands

Electronic cigarettes have been on the market for a few years now but, even so not many people know about their advantages and usability. I am using this article as an opportunity to share my knowledge about e-cigarettes with everyone that is interested in educating themselves in regard to this subject. My life has changed since I discovered this amazing e-cigs and I believe that everyone should have at least the opportunity to learn about this device. As crazy as it might sound I have tried around fifty e-cigarette brands until now, which I either bought myself or tried the ones my friends had. From this whole lot of choices I narrowed it down to my top three favorite ecig brands: Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes, Bull Smoke, and V2 Cigs.

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Brand has first appeared on the market in 2008, and since then has managed to establish a solid market share. As opposed to other brands the e-cigarettes from Green Smoke have a higher price but even so, they have quite a lot of clients. Their products are of high quality and it is certainly the best brand for people who like menthol cigarettes. Green Smoke cigarettes will fit you like a glove if you have the necessary budget but if you need something more affordable you should go another way.

Ranked by the number one electronic cigarettes in the world, the V2 Cigs have been available on the market for a while and always gather large numbers of positive reviews. I find very interesting and convenient the fact that they allow clients to purchase customized starter kits in order to make the smoking experience as personal as possible. Their technology is the most advanced on the market and they have even been nominated for an award targeting their packaging.

And the e-cigarettes brand that I use every single day and I like the most is Bull Smoke. Even though this is not the largest or most known brand of e-cigs, it is certainly the one that makes me feel most comfortable. They offer a wide range of flavors but the thing I like most is that by purchasing the Ranch Hand Starter kit you can sample all of the flavors and then order the ones you liked best. In addition to this, they even have a reward system which will give you 10% back on purchases. This is the brand I will recommend if you are looking for something reliable, of high quality, with affordable prices and an interesting variety of blends.

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