Innokin iTaste 134 MX-Z

Price: 69.95
Innokin iTaste 134 MX-Z

From the people that brought to you the 134, the Cool Fire 1 & 2 and the SVD, there is a new kid on the block and this time it is a mechanical version. The Innokin iTaste 134 MX-Z is the company’s first ever mechanical mod and it absolutely shines regardless of what atomizer you put on top of it. Also referred to as “The Zodiac”, this mod is intricately made with a cage design like the original iTaste 134 and astrological designs around the body. It is built in the same durable, eye-catching style as its predecessor and comes with eight traditional Chinese virtues engraved on the inner sleeve.

Definitely a mod that stands out of the crowd, the 134 MX-Z comes in the same aluminum style collector’s box just like the 134 and the VTR. The most notable pieces of design are probably the chrome-plated bars surrounding the body, which are available in both silver and black. Under these bars you will find stylized constellations emblazoned on the body and you even get a locking mechanism that uses your star sign as the key.

Inside the box, besides the mod you will find a screwdriver, a manual, an extra gold plated spring, a white plastic selection wheel, an extra screw, and two extra stainless steel pins. The mod itself is made from high quality stainless steel and on the top you will find the 510 connection with the adjustable center pin. As a small side note, Innokin probably released this device to go great with their first rebuildable atomizer (the VF RDA) but you can use any atty you fancy. It has a diameter of 26.5mm and a couple of air channels at the top to provide good airflow regardless of what tank you are using.

The firing button is located at the bottom and it’s flush with the body so you can keep you device upright without worrying about it firing by accident. It feels good when pressed and you won’t have any problems with it in the future considering its design. To activate the locking mechanism you need to remove the top cap and adjust the small bump with the zodiac sign you want, thus ensuring it will only fire when you select it via the exterior ring. This is a great way of keeping the device off children and also it’s great for when you put it in your pocket.

You can use a sub-ohm build on this small beast but it tends to get rather hot, so just to be on the safe side we recommend that you either pay closer attention to the device when using anything below 1 Ohm and not go below 0.5 or only go for builds higher than the 1-Ohm limit. This is not a mechanical mod for cloud chasers but rather one for beginners or intermediate users.

However, as far as performance goes, the iTaste 134 MX-Z delivers solid vapor accompanied by good flavor and a nice throat hit. Pair this with the original design and you’re going to get yourself noticed at any party or each time you take a puff on this extraordinary device. Considering its price tag we definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a well build and solid performer.

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