Joyetech eGo ONE

Price: 59.95
Joyetech eGo ONE

It’s rarely these days that a starter kit could impress an advanced vaper, mostly because everyone is used to those cheap looking and low quality devices that came with poor performing battery and a lot of problems. Now, the engineers at Joyetech have taken a step back from their regular business and designed a mod that’s both very simple to use and packed with incredible features, in their quest to create a device that rules them all.

If you’re the type of person that rushes to judge a book by its cover, you are in for a huge surprise from the Joyetech eGo ONE – mostly because it’s so versatile and full of safety features. It’s clear that the company put a lot of soul in designing this baby and it’s like the perfect thing for any vaping beginner or intermediate and, dare we say, even for veteran vapers alike. Because it’s a kit, get ready to rock because it comes with anything you could ever imagine for a spectacular vaping experience.

The eGo ONE comes packed in a lovely white cardboard box with two available battery types to choose from – the 1100mAh and the 2200mAh version and two available tanks to choose from – the 1.8ml and the 2.5ml. We got the 1100mAh version with the 1.8ml tank. Inside the box you will find the mod with the tank mounted and from the start you’ll be more than surprised. The device is small and lovely (something in between an eGo style battery and a mech mod) with the tank fitting perfectly on top of it. Besides the mod and the ONE tank you also get two ONE CL Atomizer Heads (the 0.5Ohm version and the 1.0Ohm version – yes, the ONE is designed also for sub-ohmin), two drip tips (both metal and glass), a micro-USB cable, a wall charger, a manual and the warranty. So, right from the start, it’s a pretty good deal and more than enough to ensure a vaper everything needed for an incredible experience.

The tank is like any ordinary bottom coil design, but with glass walls and a metallic shell surrounding it that’s fitted with small openings to let you see how much e-liquid is left. While the sell does a great job at protecting the glass walls from impact, it does a poor job at letting you clearly see the level of e-juice inside. And while that’s not a deal breaker it’s certainly something worth improving in the future. The tank comes also with adjustable airflow and the system is similar to the one found on other devices. It works perfectly and it’s very intuitive and easy to operate.

The battery operates between 3.3V – 4.2V and the wattage or voltage cannot be adjusted by the user. This means that the eGo ONE operates in the same manner as a mechanical mod but it benefits from a lot of safety features like short circuit protection, over discharge protection and a 15s cut off period. On the top side you will notice the 510 connection and four airflow slots while on the base there is a vent hole right in the center. The firing button feels great to press and it’s very responsive. It features an indicator LED light that flashes each time you power on or off the device or when your battery needs recharging. On the bottom you will notice a micro-USB port and an additional indicator light that stays on until the battery is completely recharged. It takes over an hour to charge the 1100mAh battery and around two hours for the 2200mah version with the wall charger supplied in the kit.

The coil heads are very easy to install on the base and the tank is simple to refill. And while the treading and the quality of materials are not the same as those found in more expensive devices, they are above average and more than decent for any day-to-day vaper.

In terms of performance, brace yourself because with the 0.5 Ohm coil, this gizmo is an absolute beast considering its tiny size. It manages to produce impressive and at the same time delicious clouds of vapor, especially if you are using a high VG e-liquid. The negative side is that with the 1.8ml tank and the 0.5Ohm coil, the e-juice gets vaporized in only a few hours so make sure you carry a bottle with you if you vape at the office or you are traveling.

Bottom line, it’s the best vape pen for e liquid to introduce someone to vaping. However, it’s also great to have around the house as a backup or why not, as your day-to-day device. Performance is insane considering the price tag and what you get inside the box.

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