The Joyetech eVic

Price: 104.95
The Joyetech eVic

Since its first announcement back in November 27th, 2012, the eVic or ‘Vapor Intelligent Cigarette’ is the first ‘intelligent’ type device introduced to the electronic cigarette market that has really built a name for itself in the vaping community. While other manufacturers improve their devices by releasing new models, the Joyetech eVic has an updateable firmware by which it gets new features and improvements.

The devices comes packed in a nicely designed cardboard box with extra plastic wrapping around it. Inside the eVic box, the products in the kit are nicely placed; the user manuals are full and thick with all the needed information for the MVR software and the eVic itself. You might just say that Joyetech has set a standard for packaging and for the complexity of manuals for future products on the e-cig market.

The tube-style device has a simple design, yet despite its size it is quite light and very comfortable to hold in the hand, mostly due to the texture that’s somewhere between grippy and smooth. The design is clean and modern: mostly metal exterior casing with a durable plastic control head. The threads for the end cap and front cap are smooth, and the 18650 battery fits in the tube like a charm. The end cap has a vent hole and a nice strong spring.

The device has 510 threading, and the addition of a wider set of threads below the atomizer connector can accommodate some eGo accessories too.

Adding to the sleek look of the eVic is the control head that appears like a dark band around the circumference of the device. It features a 64 x 48 OLED wide vertical display screen (half of the circumference of the control head), very clear, and easily readable. It can display the current voltage, wattage, resistance in the atomizer, remaining battery life, date/time, how long your draw is, and a puff limiter and counter. It also features a built in computing processor that is compatible with the MVR software that will help you keep track of your vaping habit.

The device connects to your computer or laptop via a micro-USB cable. The micro-USB port is covered by a plastic that can be pulled out easily and when not in use can be covered back up with no problems. The USB cable can also be used when updating the firmware of the device and to recharge the battery. The device performs very well each time you use it, and you’ll be able to enjoy those thick clouds of vapor along a nice throat hit for the whole battery charge. The voltage is easily changed in 0.1V increments, while the button feels sturdy and the adjustment ring is very responsive.

Overall, it’s one of the milestone devices on the market and after using it for a few times you’ll understand what the fuss round it is all about. It’s an AVP that delivers incredible performance and with the help of Joyetech’s MVR software you’ll be able to keep track of your vaping for months. Also, this device is one of the best if you want to make the transition from cig-a-likes to the more advanced personal vaporizers.

The eVic intelligent kit includes: 1 – eVic control head; 1 – eVic battery tube; 1 – Rechargeable 18650 2600 MAH battery; 1 – eVic USB cable; 1 – Wall adapter; 1 – eVic manual; 1 – MVR manual; 1 Free bottle of ejuice;

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