Maraxus Mod

Price: 54.99
Maraxus Mod

If you are tired of the same old cig-a-like vaporizer and want to make the switch to an authentic mechanical vape mod that will both get you noticed and deliver spectacular performance then go no further because today we are going to talk about one of the most craved pieces of e-cigarette technology and design available on the market – the Maraxus Mod.

It comes straight from the Philippines and it is a mind-blowing device, crafted from stainless and brass-plated steel with some sort of teeth protruding from the sides of its tube, giving it that dazzling sci-fi appearance. The six lower wire-cut spikes and four upper spikes give this mod its unique appearance and also allow better handling, the device although being massive and sturdy is very well balanced and it’s always a pleasure to keep in your hand.

The Maraxus mod is telescopic and is composed out of a few individual parts. The top cap holds the 510 connector, then we have a brass ring, after that the upper spiky part, then the battery tube, after that the lower spiky part, then another identical brass ring and finally the bottom cap and firing button. While it may sound confusing, it takes a few minutes to figure it all out, but you will have no problem disassembling and assembling the mod after a couple of tries. The height of the vape mod is adjustable and can be work with any battery of the 18000 family.

The Maraxus’ contacts are made from brass and plated with gold to ensure good conductivity, and it has a spring-loaded floating positive pin, so anything you attach to it will look fit flush and hit hard.

Vapor production is staggering and the throat hit is phenomenal with the Maraxus Mod. It is probably one of the best performing mods we have ever come across and it’s also a vaping device that will make you really stand out of the crowd. Pair it with a good quality rebuildable atomizer and you’ll have a monster vaporizer that will keep going for days in a row before needing a recharge. The firing button is smooth and there are no misfires. This bottom-mounted button is recessed into the body of the mod, thus eliminating the need for a locking ring.

Here are some of the characteristics of the Maraxus Mod: 100% mechanical; it can work with different types of batteries; crafted from steel and brass; inside pins are made of high conductivity copper; very responsive firing button; connection pins with big surfaces to prevent voltage drops; eight vent holes in the body; it can be divided into individual parts; has the popular 510 connection; shiny metallic finish;

The Maraxus mod is not only efficient, but versatile and if you looking to invest in a vaporizer that will last a few years, then this is the perfect choice.

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