Trade analogs for ecigarettes

Trade analogs for ecigarettes

My brother never approved of me smoking and for as long as I can remember he tried to convince me to quit. The only problem was that I really liked to smoke. So he never stopped looking for solutions that could make me stop or at least minimize the harmful effects on my body. One day, he surprised me with ecigarettes, and made me promise that I will use it. Well, I was somehow reluctant to give up my favorite cigarettes for a piece of plastic that looks like a cigarette. But, I gave it a try anyway. To my surprise, it gave me a very realistic smoking sensation. The flavor he chose was menthol and I can say that it tasted great. Although I didn’t admit it right away, the clean taste of the electronic cigarette was much better than that of analog cigarettes. I was impressed of how good this device mimics features of the traditional cigarette, and how much improvement it brings to the whole smoking experience.

Over the next few weeks I spent almost all of my free time researching ecigarettes, reading reviews and visiting manufacturers’ websites. I was hooked on this e-cigarette and I loved it. After this, I ordered my first starter kit and tried almost any new flavor that caught my attention. Before I realized it, analog cigarettes were no longer as appealing as they used to be, and this new impressive device called vapor cigarette took control. I really like how easy it is to carry an e-cig, without having to worry about it being a fire hazard as it is the case with traditional cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes meet my desires and needs and at the same time offer me an impressive and authentic smoking experience. I like trying out all the bold blends and I am totally pleased with the product. Also, I can see that my brother is happier, as now I can smoke when we hang out without having to go outside, without making him uncomfortable, as it always happened with analog cigarettes. I believe that the e-cigarettes are the best devices that the smoking industry has come up with so far as it gives me freedom and allows me to enjoy taking a puff or two whenever and wherever I feel like it. I started recommending them to all of my smoker friends and I am hoping they can all find in these products an alternative.

By Eric R. Duvett

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