The Vamo V5 AVP

Price: 47.99
The Vamo V5 AVP

The Vamo V5 is a feature rich variable voltage/variable wattage AVP and it is one of the most popular devices of this type out there. It looks a lot more like the V2 than the V3 (the V5 is essentially a Vamo 2 body with Vamo 3 electronics), it comes packed in the usual cardboard box and it has some improved features and qualities that make it one of the best, most hassle-free APV’s on the market.

Like any respected AVP, the device looks pretty futuristic and it has a built in blue OLED display that even though gentle with the eyes, might require reading glasses from some old vapers. The Vamo V5 is extremely well built, feels solid in the hand and while not telescopic it does feature a small extension tube that lest you switch between using an 18650 battery and an 18350.

The control layout is one of the best, and the horizontal screen makes things a lot easier. There are three buttons – the main firing button and 2 smaller buttons with various functions. Depending on how you have set the device, these two buttons will turn the voltage or wattage up and down while enjoying your vaping.

The Vamo V5 comes with improved button, a new spring and redesigned 510 threading. This connection however is not one of the best when it comes to AVPs and you should always be careful when screwing your tanks. When it comes to voltages the device can be adjusted from 3 to 6v in in steps of 0.1. The mod can reach from 5w to 15w in variable wattage mode.

Like most modern AVPs, the V5 protects your battery against dangers which used to ruin an expensive model. These problems included too much or too little current and a very low resistance. You also have to option to change the power setting from Mean to RMS.

If you are a fan of standard resistance cartomizers or coils then you will find that the Vamo performs incredibly well. Also if you’re vaping at 3.0 this AVP will deliver sufficient power that lots of other mods won’t give you. The Vamo V5 power output uses pulse width modulation and it delivers an incredible experience.

Here are some quick tips when it comes to the Vamo V5: variable voltage from 3.0 to 6.0v; built in ohm meter; variable wattage from 5 to 15w; has a built in battery protection circuit; has a built in fuse; has a built in temperature sensor; works with atomizers from 1.5 to 3.0 ohms; cut-off protection; nice OLED display;

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