Types of atomizers explained

Types of atomizers explained

If you're new to vaping and you're looking for a device but don't understand all the terms so clearly let us help you out by presenting the all the types of atomizers explained in depth and full of references to actual products you can buy.

What is an atomizer and what does it do?

The atomizer is the part of the vaporizer that goes on top of the battery and it's where the e-liquid gets transformed into vapor when it comes in contact with the heating element. So the atomizer includes the base that screws onto the mod, the deck with the heating element (or coil / coils) and the reservoir for the e-liquid (which can be anything from a tank surrounding the coil, a tank on top of the coil or a tank under the coil to just a juice well in which the wicks get saturated).

Types of atomizers

The atomizers that work with pre-built coils (or pre-built atomizer heads) are intended for beginners and they are usually very easy to use and to service. These coil heads essentially screw into the base (or the chimney) and they have to be replaced each time they start giving a burnt taste or each time they stop firing. These atomizers are usually referred to as tanks or clearomizers and they are probably some of the most popular devices out there. They range for small mouth to lung devices like the Nautilus X to bigger and powerful sub ohm devices like the Cleito, the Cubis or the Playboy Vixen.


Rebuildable atomizers on the other hand include three different categories of products, each designed for power and, depending on the case, for the ultimate vaping experience. The first category of rebuildable atomizers are the RDAs (rebuildable dripping atomizers), which are metallic tubes with posts where the coils need to be place and which require constant dripping of e-liquid onto the wicking material.

These RDAs are some of the simplest types of atomizers out there and at the same time some of the most powerful and popular. They are usually great matches for mechanical mods and they usually come in 22mm or 24mm options. After the user mounts the coils between the positive and negative posts, cotton or other wicking material is inserted into the coils, with the ends of these wicks ending up on the deck of the atomizer (or inside the juice well). The Hatty RDA and the REM RDA are two good examples of rebuildable dripping atomizers.


RTAs or rebuildable tank atomizers are devices that essentially take the benefits of having a reservoir full of e-liquid (like in the case of tanks) and combine it with the benefits of being able to make your own coils. Besides costing a lot less on the long term these atomizers also produce a lot more vapor and have much better flavor than what you get on standard capsulated coils. The Griffin 22 & 25mm, the Crius and the VCMT are all great performing rebuildable tank atomizers.


RDTAs or rebuildable dripping tank atomizers are also a hybrid between two types of products, but this time we're taking about the massive power of an RDA combined with all the perks of an RTA. So essentially we have a cloud machine with a reservoir instead of a juice well that has plenty of autonomy and produces fog like nothing else you've seen before. The Avocado, the iJoy Limitless RDTA and the Wismec Theorem are all good examples of RDTAs.

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